Thursday 16 January 2014

With our rights, comes responsibility....

Both are required by each and every one of us no matter what relationship we are in; a marriage, family, teams, work, buying something, community, etc.

No matter which role you play in each of these relationships – husband/wife, child/parent, employee/player/employer/manager, consumer/business, and constituent/politician – the common factor is....each role is played by a PERSON!  A human being.

For many years, I’ve said Canada is the freest communist country in the world.  If you don’t believe’ve never had your rights taken away or challenged. 

Every day, people are being tossed aside as if they were a used tissue after someone wiped their butt.  Is change necessary....maybe but it is inevitable.  “The only constant is change”.  I don’t have an issue with change; don’t always like it is what it is and...that’s ok!!!!!

What I do have an issue with is, when people discard people because...they can.  The discardees seem to think they are immune to being discarded themselves, but I assure day....the path does come to a cross roads.  So, may I offer, when you’re in a position where you’re discarding a person, think about that process.  You may think you don’t have a choice, but you always have the choice how you’ll do it.

Many will say “its business” or “I had no choice”.  PEOPLE....people are the business.  People have choices.  Choices have consequences.  Without people, you have NO business.  People create the need.  People meet the need.  People access the service to meet their need.  People, people, people.  People have feelings and REALLY are the most important commodity for our race to exist.  WE are not inanimate objects.  Now...that isn’t to say people, when treated with distain, can’t become apathetic and seem to behave like inanimate objects; but how does this happen?  It happens when people choose to ignore the value of people.  Plain and simple!

And the opposite is amazing!  When people are treated humanely....they give back graciously and abundantly; without condition.  Being humane is the greatest gift human beings can give each other.  Being treated equally – which is different than the ‘same’ – is also a right in our country.  We all reference the “Charter of Rights” (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights) and the “Rights of a Child” (United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child) as soon as we think our rights are being challenged but.....have you actually read these documents?  Do you have any idea where they came from or why they were created?????

These documents protect our rights to have our basic needs met equitably.  They also empower us.  It is our responsibility, to not only protect our own human rights but to ensure, to the best of our ability, the rights of those unable to protect themselves are also protected.  We do not have the right to impose our rights at the expense of another.  If we were acting as people....compassion would not allow us to do this.  And happens every day. 

Whether its Government taking away our rights to quality education and health care, affordable housing, safe food and water, the ability to care for ourselves via jobs, etc; or the unjust acts of abuse within families where one person fairs better at the expense of another, especially in the case of martial breakdown; or when employers abuse, harass and threaten employees because jobs are scares....or when the legal system uses a law to make an example out of someone rather than looking at the bigger picture or worse...when the legal system can take advantage of a person’s situation putting the person is a worse position.  These are violations against our rights; young and old alike. 

It is then, when it is most important for us as individuals to find the courage and strength to stand in our truth.  It is our responsibility, individually and collectively, to protect and advocate for our rights.  It is our responsibility to help others help themselves as they stand up for their rights.  When we ‘do nothing’ to protect our rights, we are actually doing a lot....we are surrendering our rights.  When enough of us lose our rights, or worse give them away....what is left.  You can’t unring the bell.

Protecting your rights, my rights, OUR rights....does not have to be a ‘fight’ or ‘combative’ action; nor does it have to be a huge undertaking.  Most often we can responsibly protect our own rights and others’ by, listening to our hearts and then, acting with compassion.  Doing what is right, rather than doing the ‘right thing’ can often be a more humane way to honour the value, dignity and rights of another; and even better....without violating another.  

Before you act, you may consider asking yourself... “Will my action support or undermine another?”  I promise you, if you listen to yourself, your answer is there.  You may not think you have a choice for what you’re about to do, but....I promise do have choices!  Ultimately, the only person you have to answer to is that voice in your heart.  That is the judge of your ultimate rights and responsibilities.

There will be many issues that will require larger actions, political movements etc.  The same still applies.  Individual voices speaking humanely together, can and do, inspire and maintain positive change for all. 

How will you act responsibly, with and for your rights?