Friday 21 December 2012

Another world ending ~ survived....

Phew....well this was my fourth (or fifth) “end of the world” prediction and I’ve survived. 

As I reflect on previous ‘end of the world’ memory reminds me how I felt during some of these events.  I was quite young when I remember the first ‘end of the world’ scare.  I remember feeling afraid.  I think I was about 8 then.  I remember adults talking about it.  I don’t remember the details of their conversations but I do remember the feeling of worry.   The next one I remember, I was in my mid to late teens ~ a very troubling time for me.  I remember skipping up and down the middle of the road, hoping not to be “missed” this time.  I didn’t want to be a survivor.  I didn’t care where I went; I just knew I didn’t want to be here anymore.  This time, I’ve spent the past few years consoling and reassuring my children and others.

As I’ve grown, I’ve come to accept the “end of the world” predictions as a part of life.  Media now plays an even greater role is perpetuating fear.  The more people hear something, the easier it comes for them to buy into the message; whether it is grounded in fact or not.  This bothers me.  So many people still believe the ‘news’ with great reverence.  As in the past, I wonder, how many people have become so fearful of the 12-21-12 that they took their own lives.  Extreme thinking you say....I ask you to reflect on this a moment?  We know of events around the world where ‘religious’ sects have staged and executed masse suicides based on a prediction that the world was coming to an end.  And there are far more people who makes changes or take action based on similar fears.

My message is not intended to be gloomy, thus the choice of this font; but rather to serve as a reminder.  The end of ‘our’ world as we know can happen at any second and in an assortment of ways.  We never know when or how our world will change and so...for that reason, it is important that we know who we are.  When we can live our truth; comfortable knowing who we are, it doesn’t really matter when or how the world comes to an “end”.

Today is also the Winter Solstice; the first day of winter...the shortest day of the year and where I live...our first snow of the season.  You’ve survived this season’s journey into darkness as the world ‘ends’.  Tomorrow, you will begin the path into light as the days once again grow longer.  As you embark on this new expedition do so with confidence and passion.  Let your light shine brightly for all the world to see and celebrate who you are with joy and zeal!

Embarking on a voyage with you...Carleana

Friday 14 December 2012

Season's Greetings

In 10 days we will be on the eve of Christmas Day.  This time of year is always so magical.  I love the excitement of children who still believe in Santa Claus; of adults that still believe in the reason for the season and the essence of love and hope; if we choose to be still we can hear and feel it!

 Sometimes, things happen in our lives and muffle that inner voice.  We drowned it out with anger, resentment and hatred because things haven’t gone as we wanted.  The truth is...we always have what we really need.  The trick is recognizing it and celebrating it. 

2012, has been a HUGE year of transition for me.  Some were changes I intentionally choreographed and some...I had no control over.  Naturally the ones I had “control” over were easier to adjust to but, those I had no “control” over, I’ve just had to have faith they too were in my best interest.

A year ago today, I was feeling bitter-sweet.  I was nervous, anxious, scared and yet excited.  On December 31, 2011 I would be leaving my position with the federal government.  I had worked there for 20 years.  For the first 17 years I loved it.  The last 3 were horrible.  A new manager came in and created a toxic cess pool working environment.  Despite my attempts to work through it, with the support and encouragement from my soul mate, my best husband we created a five year plan and I left public service.

The five year plan included me registering my own business; It’s theButterfly Effect Inc which would eventually offer many services to assist people to find order in life’s chaos.  I would seek out key people I envisioned who could help me breathe life into another goal; my not-for-profit business; Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying.  The premise or philosophy of this organization would focus on addressing the effects of all bullying for all ages in a positive manner rather than in a confrontational or conventional way.

Additionally, during that five years, I would become a certified Soul Coach.  I would receive my ASIST (applied suicide intervention skill training), safeTALK and reflexology certifications.  And, I would do my pilgrimage; the Camino de Santiago de Compostella., almost a full year has past by.  I’ve registered It’s the Butterfly Effect Inc and have started to generate awareness around my business in the Southwestern Ontario area.  I recruited several amazing people who have helped me establish and register Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying. We completed a very successful pilot project, were nominated for an Innovation award for the work we do in the community, have been invited to some key organizations for children and youth within our city and some neighbouring communities.  I’ve become a certified Soul Coach, earned my ASIST and safeTALK certifications.  I’ve joined two other organizations: Elgin Suicide Prevention Coalition and Society for Quality Education.  I completed 111km of my pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago de Compostella to receive my Compostella/certificate; and I’m just about ready for my final practical exam in order to become a certified reflexologist. the middle of all this, my soul mate, my best husband, of 23 years, left me.

I end 2012, as I ended 2011, feeling bitter-sweet.  Six months away from my 50th b’day I find myself a single mother of three teenage daughters and no income.  And while I am very nervous, anxious and scared about what 2013 holds in store for me...I am excited.  Living our truth and living a life of purpose is not always easy when it means not following the ‘norm’ but, believing and having faith that you will always be given what you need when you needed, sure helps. 

My children have been a HUGe support and foundation for me since their father left.  They truly are brilliant and amazing young people.  Naturally my parents and my brother have been very supportive but what I’ve been very surprised by is in the depth of my friendships.  I had forgotten how powerful and wonderful, the support of true friends can be. The kind of friends who help you make the choices that are right for you because it is your best interest they are looking out for and not... sway you to share their journey. 

Every day, I try to live my life in truth; a life of purpose and knowing.  Seeing the ugly in the world around us is very easy if that’s all you wish to see.  BUT....if you choose to be quiet – listen from within to the softness and block out the harshness...the world truly is a beautiful place with so many amazing people.  Miracles are all around you if you chose to see them.  Put out a pure and true desire.  Patiently wait; and the universe will give it abundance.

As you wind down 2012, and prepare for 2013....take time to look at all that is positive in your life.  Acknowledge it.  Appreciate it.  Next Friday – December 21 is a day many events are expected to happen on.  It is also the Winter Solstice; the shortest day of the year.  In the darkness listen for and celebrate your spirit and as the days come brighter and longer....let your spirit shine brightly and magnificently!

However, you celebrate the season may it be wondrous and out of harm's way.

From my heart to yours.... a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!