Sunday 16 March 2014

Just a quick update....

So much has been going on in my life, since the New Year. 

Just before Christmas, I was really struggling; in many ways.  I was down to about $500.00 and scared about what lay ahead.  I called Family Services and the Food Bank to see what my options might be.  I am so blessed with my friends, family and so many angels.  As a result, I've not had to actually use these services.

With any luck at all, 2014 will see closure on many issues, so that I too can move forward with my life; freer of ever changing terms, wavering conditions and threats.  Everyday, I move one step closer to independence; but I'm mindful of feeling 'safe' in that.

There are still many terms and conditions that need to be worked out, finalized and secured.  It is my hope that these will be in place before this year ends.  My current journey has been the greatest tight rope walk I've ever taken. Each time I think it's ok to let my guard down to take a breath or rest....I'm reminded that I need to be fully alert.  Each step, decision and new a new life lesson. 

I have taken great steps to keep my focus heart centred, in a situation that seems to be far from that.  I take time to celebrate the little things in life... like a sunny day, a kiss from my children, a call from my parents, a chat with a friend, a cup of hot chocolate, or maybe just being thankful that I am a live to live and survive another day!

I've got some exciting things planned for myself the next few months.  It is my intention to complete more training this year ~ which is exciting for me!  I have made some great gains toward taking back my life once again.  Right now, I'm looking into arranging internet, cable and land line service.  I expect I will be "in the dark" for a bit, but...since I've been mindful of my postings and how often I post....this shouldn't be an issue.

As I wrap up my note....I'm excited to share, in February I broke my monthly view record over all hits is almost 5000.  This may not sound like a lot for some of you reading this the circumstances, the infrequency of my posts and what I've felt comfortable to post....I think this is exciting and rewarding!

Happy St Patty's Day everyone!  Stay safe....Blessings, Carleana