Sunday 30 June 2013

Happy 50th Birthday ~ Carleana

Celebrating my 49th

Just a very quick acknowledge and celebrate my 50th!!!!!!

The photos I'm sharing with you, I took while I was in Paso Robles Ca June '12.  I spent almost two weeks away from home to study with Denise Linn and 18 other amazing people from around the world to become an Int’l Soul Coach®  I was part one of 19 people who formed the 49th group.  June 28/12 I turned 49 years old.  My life was changing and I knew it; I just had no idea how or how much. It's funny, since I was 18, I seem to find myself in California just before a major change occurs in my life.  Maybe its the surf, the sun, the people or just the energy connection at a very soulful level...but something there seems to prepare me for what's about to happen.

Mid-day Moon Jun 27-12
Mid-night Moon June 27-12

  Greeting the Sunrise: June 28, 2012

 Entering the Labyrinth with some amazing friends at Sunrise June 28, 2012 

In a very brief nutshell....I spent the first 25 years of my life single.  I spent the last 25 years of my life with one person.  And the next 25 years+....well, I don't know what is in store but I will say - I am looking forward to them with excitement and anticipation. 

My last entry garnered a lot of feedback.  I am pleased to say most all of it positive, with a lot of heartfelt sentiment and expressions of appreciation.  I prepared an entry to follow up my last post but, I was completely astounded by the feedback from one particular follower; so I chose to take what I thought would be a short break.  OMgoodness ~ Days turned into weeks, that turned into months; and then there is the energy technology has of its own; or should I say time line.  Often when I get frustrated with the negative interference of technology I force myself (or find myself) saying...maybe the time isn’t right for you to share your message.  
Well, it appears the tide has changed.

Most of my time (over the past 10 months) seems to have been spent fighting fires; with short stints of glowing ambers or smoldering ashes.  Not all the flare ups have been unfavourable though.  My second baby graduated.  Her Commencement was beautiful and she was stunningly dressed for her prom!  One more year of secondary school and then....three precious angels will be off to post secondary.  My life has most definitely started in a very new direction as I enter my sixth decade and a new half century.

Once I’ve completed a few remaining outstanding responsibilities....I look forward to posting some of the entries I’ve prepared as well and creating new ones! 

As I close, below are a few more of my favourite images from my time in California.  This is my first attempt to include photos.....  Hope you enjoy!!!!
Blessings, Carleana
 San Luis Obispo was where I arrived and stayed a couple days before and after my an Int’l Soul Coaching® training.

I stayed at the Apple Farm Inn:

I walked down to the Mission San Luis de Tolosa:
Visited Bubble Gum Alley; and yes....the walls are covered with chewed bubble gum.  Some just stuck on the alley wall and there were some amazing works of art done with the gum and some other objects:


Photo from Summerhill Ranch, during my Soul Coaching® training: 
My room                                         Typical table setting
Whispering Wind                             Giai Goddess - 400 year old oak - outside my room
The dance barn                                       The Sanctuary
 Examples of Alters I created
 Looking down the valley           Abundance alter @ Labyrinth        June 28, 2012 Sunrise
into Summerhill Ranch

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  1. Good to see you back Blogging. I look forward to sharing some of your anti bullying awareness programs.
    You have a very loving and sharing heart.