Thursday 20 September 2012

Where does the time go?

Not unlike most of you, I start off with good intentions as I begin something new or return to complete an unfinished project when suddenly.... I find I’ve again become distracted and pulled away from what I was doing. 

Before I know it days, weeks or months have passed and my well intended effort is still cluttering an area of my home, or I’ve not spoken to that friend I cherish or my project is still incomplete or; and the list continues.  Sometimes it is then that I become frustrated with myself which only adds to my feeling of self annoyance.  Why can’t I stay focused?  Can’t I finish anything? What was it that distracted me in the first place? 

Maybe it was a knock on the door, a phone call; an urgent situation....any number of things may have become my new focus.  Some distractions are such that I can attend to them and get back to the task at hand, but sometimes they require me to give them my full attention and that’s when it happens – time passes.

Soon I forget what I was doing and other things come and go in my life until...I realize I’ve left “stuff” out in a room or I’m missing that person I was on my way to visit or I go to put on those pants I started to hem.  Then the words always do your best come to mind.  It is important to not feel bad for taking the time I did because, if I didn’t “need” to address that issue at the time, the truth is I likely wouldn’t have.  Acknowledging that, and accepting it allows me to move forward without guilt so that I can get back to that project and/or my new intention(s)...with the same enthusiasm and excitement I originally had. 

That is where I’m at right now.  Perhaps in a future blog I’ll share what’s been happening in my life that has pulled away from my blogging and my intention to start a new Soul Journey but for now...these matters, that distracted me, are becoming less of a distraction.  From that situation, there are items that still need my attention.  A recent scare has gifted me with clarity, reminding me to allow myself to feel pleasure and celebrate the things that bring me peace and balance in my life.  I’m starting to re-establish a routine that inspirers me to do what I enjoy.  Thank you so much for sticking with me through this journey. 

And hey....I’m so excited to see that I’ve had over 1000 hits on my blog.  Once things are better settled in my little world, and I’m back to blogging routinely, I’m hoping those of you who do visit often will become “followers”. 

Please feel free to share my blog with those you think will enjoy it and/or find value in reading it.  I always enjoy hearing from you too.  Leave a comment or send me an email at

Blessings of abundance to you and those you cherish.
Celebrating life and all it has to offer....
Love, Carleana

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