Wednesday 29 August 2012

The Joys of Life????? I had these wonderful plans to share an introduction to the 28 day soul journey program with you and have you join me on my Radiant Health journey.  Life apparently had its own plan and my plans needed to be amended.  BUT...that's ok!  My biggest challenge was accessing the internet.  For whatever reasons, I couldn't open Explorer.  After using all my 'friend' supports I finally decided I would utilize the Geek Squad, which I pay monthly for.  Hmmmm interesting thought huh, use a service I pay for..... : D  After days of no internet....only two hours later not only did I have my internet back, but I also had a virus and diagnostic  scan done.  My computer is as good as new again.  Thank you Daniel M of Best Buys' Geek Squad Ultimate Protection Service ~ online.

Additionally, a few personal issues have been more firmly addressed allowing me to get back on focus with my 'plans'.  That is the wonderful thing about Soul Journeys (and Soul Coachingr)  You learn how to deal with the unexpected changes that happen and not allow them to bring you too far down.  Unexpected changes are similar to tripping.  You're walking along the sidewalk - POW - suddenly you find your balance is off or your sitting on the sidewalk.  Tripping wasn't your plan; getting from point A to point B was the plan.

When your stride is broke, you take the time you need to recover and get back into your groove.  Maybe you can't continue along your original path and that's ok.  Maybe that destination wasn't the one meant for you; or maybe it's not the right path and...that's ok too.  What isn't ok is just stopping and giving up.  Take this 'trip' time and look at it as a gift.  Look at where you are.  Where were you?  Where were you planning to go?  How were you going to get there?  Do you continue?  Do you take another path heading for the same destination?  Maybe you take another path that presents another choice you wouldn't have other wise seen?

The point is....don't let life's trip ups take you down for the count.  Accept them as a reminder to take the time to check in with yourself and simply be present in the moment. Celebrate that gift and then...take that next step.

Tonight I will welcome the stillness with grace and appreciation so tomorrow I can enjoy and celebrate life's vibration so I can get back into my groove.

What blessings will you celebrate today?

As always...Carleana

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