Monday 20 August 2012

Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body?!

How exciting and alluring does this sound?  Have you ever wondered what your body might want to share with you?  I’m guessing the messages are far more gracious than we might initially think.  The program I’m going to introduce you to, is one of the Soul Journey Programs I offer.  It can be completed comfortably within a group setting or privately, if you’d prefer.

This program is called 28 Day Jump Start Program for Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality.  I’ve decided to take this journey, myself, for a many reasons.  The main reason, however, to help me deal with some stresses I’m personally experiencing in a different way. 

Sometimes changes in our lives are those we made by choice and other are those that life simply shares with us (because the universe loves to share).  Sometimes these changes bring us joy and sometimes....well sometimes they’re not quite so joyous.  Personally, I know no matter what happens, what is meant to happen will happen and I can’t change that, but....I can change how I feel about the affects of these changes.

The philosophy of this healing journey is based on ancient teachings, practices and beliefs.  There is a lot of history and negative programming lodged in the cells of our bodies. By learning how to listen to our own body rather than just thinking about it, we learn how to unweave hidden blockages.  Removing these blockages initiates our natural life force energy as well as our body’s spiritual radiance.  For some this ideal is as natural as breathing and for others, it’s a new area of interest for them.  For some, this very foreign and may or may not be of any interest at all.  That is totally cool.  But for those of you journeying with me, I am assuming you have some interest. 

If I were doing this 28 day program with a group we would meet once per week for six consecutive weeks.  Our first meeting would be an overview of the program as a whole and look at what the first “Air” week involves.  The second week, what “Water” week involves.  The third, what “Fire” week involves.  The fourth week, what “Earth” week involves.  The fifth week, we’d look at our “Quests”; and finally the last week we’d come together to reflect and celebrate.  At each of these weekly meetings there would be an activity and time to share for those who wish too.  These group programs are truly fun and exciting.

Because I’m doing my journey alone, I will blog about what I’m doing and what I notice.  Everyone’s journey is unique.  While I could give you a lengthy explanation as to why, the simple truth is....because each of us is unique.  The wonderful thing about this program to is the more you put into it the more you get out of it BUT....even by putting in a will get a lot back.  If you miss a day, you don’t feel guilty and try to catch up either.  You just go on to the next day. 

This week, each day, I will take time to explain a little more about what a Soul Journey Program is.  Once I have done this, I will begin my own journey and share it with you.  The first thing I like to know when I start something is: “How much of my time, each day, do I need to commit?”

In each Soul Journey Program, there are three levels.  Level 1 is “Committed to change” and usually takes 5 to 15 minutes per day.  Level 2 is “Going for it” and includes level 1 and level 2.  It usually takes 10-30 minutes per day.  Level 3 is “Playing full Out”.  This level includes all the exercises from levels 1, 2 & 3 and takes as long it takes to complete.  This level can take anywhere from a half an hour to several hours depending on the exercises.  The great thing about this program is....if you’re short on time one day, you may complete only level 1.  Another day you may have a lot of time and choose to complete all three levels.  Another day, you may not be able to do any.  While that is not ideal....don’t worry.  Get back on track the next day with the next activity.  The thing with a soul keeps going.  This program is a gift you give yourself and will transform your life forever.  It is the flexibility of this program and the forgiveness that makes a Soul Journey Program so easy, exciting and truly worth celebrating along the way. 

Tomorrow is a crazy busy day for me, but it is my intention to share with you, some of the exercises you might do at each of these levels within each of the four weeks.

As I close, remember to notice and celebrate the little things that grace you each and every day.  Blessings... Carleana

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