Tuesday 24 December 2013

Just a quick message today....

I took some time visit some of my past posts.  It’s always a good exercise, if you journal.  I have always believed in ‘magic’ and the power of “inner knowing”. 

These gifts are not science based, nor can they be proven or disproven by any research.  They are truly a gift of “knowing” and either you choose to believe (and I promise you, you will find your own affirmation) or not.  The challenge comes in having the courage to believe in you; especially when tested.  I love it...it is really an amazing state of being. When I’m feeling lost or discouraged and a sign appears....AND I recognize it; it is a soothing a warm blanket on a cold day. 
New Year’s resolutions and I never really worked well together, so many years ago; I started my own tradition whereby I would meditate to set an intention for the new year.   Sometimes the intention is deliberate, but most often I simply allow myself to be still.  When I’ve got to the point I feel I’ve connected to my inner self, during my mediation, the first ‘feeling’ I  get becomes my intention.  If I don’t get a ‘feeling’ during my mediation...that’s ok.  I go about my day and....it will come.  An ahh moment if you will.
2013 was no different. 
Most of my time ‘surviving’, this year was spent surviving, which meant I rarely recognized the signs in my life that were in relation to my intention.  When you’re use to seeing them...I assure you, you miss them when you fail to notice them.  I’ll share more about this in another message but what I did want to share today was the intent I set January 1, 2013 and briefly how it manifested in my life.
HELP....that would be my joie de vivre.  Check out my January 1, 2013 entry.  It was my intent to learn more about help.  Help is not just about offering or giving it, it’s also about knowing how to ask for it.  How to recognize when you need help; where to look for it and when to realize help isn’t where I might be looking.  How to deny help, that is not helpful; and then how to accept help graciously.
WOW.... as I muse this past year, I had no idea how impactful this journey and intention would be.
With such a change in my own life, by March, I realized help would no longer come in familiar forms or from the source I had become so comfortable with.  As a result, I discovered how to reach out in different directions.  Often I wasn’t aware of how this was manifesting.  However, as I became aware of the consequences...the magic or knowing was incredible. 
This new pathway has presented many new opportunities for me to learn how to offer, ask, look for and the most challenging....how to graciously accept help.   Another blessing I am thankful to have received.
Did you set an intention for 2013?  If so, how did it present itself to you?  What have you learned from about you in relation to that intention about yourself and how will you incorporate that in your life?  If you’d like to share, I would be honoured to hear from you.
With excitement and enlightenment, I extend my sincerest appreciation to each of you, who have travelled with me on this journey of “Help”.  This journey has truly been a blessing!  ~Carleana

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