Tuesday 15 July 2014

Camino 2014 ~ Day 2

First, I want to share photos of our moon, taken Sunday evening; July 13, 2014. 

I love my camera!!!!  It has been a great purchase!!!!   The photos I take….are often brilliant.

I’ve been away from most all news and information sites but I believe this full moon was the “Super Moon” and what a wonderful time to start my journey! 

Yesterday was quite a day.  I spent most of it addressing urgent matters, which I will not focus on; at least not now.  I want to stay in my positive place as much as I can for the next few weeks.
I also got a few smaller projects done.  I don’t know how many of you live with others, but my laundry always seems to be chaotic.  Every so often I’ll clean it right out and get it organized but….it never fails…within a day or two….one would never know it was ever organized.  This time….I didn’t do a full out culling, but….I did manage to find a happy medium.  The “garbage” stuff has been removed.  Items that could be put away are and…the rest, I moved to look as if it belonged where it’s placed.  And, I finished up the remaining laundry.
I also, spent quite a bit of time in my favourite two rooms;
my library

 and my sunroom.

These are older photos.  For the most part things are the same.  There have been a few items moved.  Plus, the sunroom ceiling has been repaired.  It needs it again around the sky light, but until I can repaired the roof, I will have to endure.

 In these two rooms I enjoy reading, sipping tea, chatting with friends and doing my healing work.  Most everything in these two rooms, I have received as a gift from someone dear to me and usually when I needed it most; including most ALL the furniture.  In the library, the sofa, chair ottoman and wooden table were gifts from my friend Marianne.  All the other furniture was gifts from my parents, to me.  And…many of the items you see came from my children.  These two rooms bring me bliss and tranquility.  In them and with my treasures, I am comforted and feel secure to explore; which I did, on Monday.

 With the scent of sweet grass, sage and tobacco, I played my drum and my crystal singing bowl.  The vibration each creates….fills the house with enchanting echoes.  I know for some this is foreign and they don’t understand it but…for others….you get exactly what I’m referring to.  It’s almost a euphoric sensation, without any ill side or after affects.   

I took my daughter to work; came back home and did a bit more tidying.  Then, we picked her up.  We all shared a treat and called it a night.

 Now, I will get refocused on today, so I’ll have something to write about tonight. 

        ~Bon Camino

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