Monday 21 July 2014

Camino 2014 ~Day 5

Today is also day 3 of air week.  As part of clutter clearing today, the focus is on the bathroom and bedroom.  OMG...I’m glad I started with my bathroom the other day.  Today I looked at my bedroom and thought how will I EVER get through this...I didn’t!  Having said that...I did go through my closet, dressers and one area of my bedroom.  I’m proud to say, I was able to sort things into I really love, I use, donate, recycle and trash.

The I really loves, are put away (for now).  The I use are returned to where they belong and the donate, recycle and trash are also in appropriate containers for me to deal with later, such as garbage day.

There are four bathrooms in my home...two powder rooms and two full bathrooms.  The basement bathroom....didn’t even touch it.  The main bathroom, was already cleaned so...that leaves the two, two piece bathrooms; and yes....the both were cleaned.   

Today is also a day to celebrate what you’ve accomplished....because that is VERY important.  I had done the “Playing Full Out” level today and to celebrate....I enjoyed a small hot fudge sundae.

Yesterday, I had purchased a new set of Oracle Cards; Cheryl Lee Harnish’s “Path of the Soul”.  When you look at these cards, they have no words them.  They have breathing taking images which seem to hone in on you.  When you look at can’t help but feel something.~ and yes...that means different things to different people.  Anyway as I was shuffling them the #1 card fell out.  No big deal...but it fell out a few more times so I set it aside, (I’ll talk more about this another time) and continued shuffling until I felt it was right to pull a card; #28  Vibrant and beautiful, I sat gazing at the cards for a few moments before referring to the accompanying book.

#1 – Creation:  It speaks about how we are each our own creators in our lives.  How we, through our actions, words, and thoughts we manifest what happens around us.  How many times have you thought about something and it happens...maybe not right away or exactly how you envisioned it, but it happen.  Our time schedule and that of the universe’s are not always perceived the same way does always happen exactly when and if its suppose to.  Remember to do your best to be clear in your thoughts, speak softly and kindly and....most very mindful of your actions.  As said it childhood, “Actions speak louder than words”.

#28 – Dreaming:  We don’t always pay to much attention to our dreams but they are very important.  This is where the soul communicates to us directly.  Sometimes this is done through images, but also through feelings, sensations, sounds and smells.  While there are 1000s of books on decoding what these things mean.  However, it is my experience dreams are far more personal than ‘generic’ understandings.  Is there crossover....absolutely, but first I suggest when you awake from you dream share it in a journal or...record.  Allow yourself to time to feel (not think) on it.  Answers to questions we have can be found in our dreams.  Ideas or experiences we’re meant to have but haven’t yet...will come through our dreams.  Needed advice, without prejudice, will come to us through our dreams.  Our dreams are our soul’s opportunity to reach out to us; to remind us who we are meant to be, direct us back on track, inspire us...they are our truth.  The more you learn about yourself and your truth...the easier life will become for you to live it with purpose and joy.


Two years ago today...was Day 5 of my Camino de Santiago; Morgade to Portomarian. 


Yesterday, the taxi picked me up at it dropped me off in Morgade where my journey marker 99.5.

The cab driver was crazy; but I survived.  Today seemed to be the first “real” day of my pilgrimage.  You can read more about it by visiting but here are some of the highlights I remember.  In Sarria...there were many items that had the saying “No pain; no glory” under an image of a pair of blistered, I’m feeling my blisters.  I met a Korean man who went to London, On for a vacation and enjoyed our cite ~ “a lot of construction though” he shared.  He and his wife had started the Camino at the beginning in France having complete 720km sort far.  I learned about “Beun Camino” today and how pilgrims greeted each other with this simply yet sincere greeting as a means of support, encouragement and honouring. 

The day was magical; as if I were walking through a fairyland and sometimes travelling through time.  It would have been so easy to succumb to the landscape.  I felt secure; as if I was being watched, encouraged and...protected.  I witnessed an ‘older’ couple lead their cattle from their place to a pasture down the road; I stopped to admire a cross decorated with clothes; I watched a snail cross a rock, and listened to an old man tell me his stories.  As he spoke he would laugh, sometimes his eyes would welled up; he’d turn as he point in a variety of directions.  His voice was soft and kind and....he smiled one of the softest smiles I’ve ever seen.  We must have stood there 5 minutes or more visiting.  I only wish I knew what he was saying.  I don’t have a clue at all what he said, but....I enjoyed it and...I enjoy thinking he was sharing stories of other pilgrims, his life in the area and.... was back to reality.  I approached km marker 90.5 heading into Portomorian.  As I rounded the bend there it was....the bridge.

The pictures....I’m not going to comment a lot on the photos.  The terrain photos I’ve posted show you where I’ve walked – up and down these hills.  Up to the top where I could look down into the heart of the land and survey the skies for as far as my eyes could see.  From the top of one hill I just climbed, down into the valley or town I was heading to and up to the top of the next hill.  And all the treasures I noticed in between.

 Gnome's home

 The famous donkey
 My frientd

 My favorite place to walk
 Where my jolly little friend and I visited
 Between where I stand and the next hill top, in the valley lies Portamarian
 This is a country highway'
 Camino signs appear everywhere.  Keep your eyes open.
 A grandmother's love
 Jayja spirit
 Heading into the mist  Another famous image of the Camino
 Portamarian on the horizon
 But first a Hamlet stop.  Remember, this is a road, watch out for vehicles

 Soles carrying souls
 CAR!!!!  this was amazing.
Sometimes there'd be two vehicles and...people that would need to share this pace.
No horns, no unkind gestures but rather smiles and waves.
Looking back and what do I see...wind turbines

 Getting closer
 Behind me, Portomarian
 The BRIDGE!!!!
 First steps
 I've survived the bridge, now the stairs....
 and more stairs
 and more stairs
 I've reached the end of the stairs. 
One more bit of the hill and I'm done for the day.
 Getting further from the wind turmines
 Heading to the church and looking back on that which I feared.
 The church where we get our passport stamped
 One of the famous Camino icons
 Portomarian town square
 At last...days end.  Looking out through my room window...wind turbines in the horizon 

                                                                                           ~Buen Camino

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