Tuesday 15 July 2014

Camino 2014 ~ Day 3

Today is July 15, 2014

I’ve actively begun my Camino with deliberate action.

The 28 Days to Discover You Authentic Self is a wonderful journey for those wishing to rediscover their soul’s truth.  As a Certified Soul Coach® who trained directly with Denise Linn, I offer workshops on this.  As well, I’ve had the privilege, and been invited, to journey with individuals through their discovery to their authentic self.  It really is an amazing and awakening experience. 

Because I’m adding my Discovering as part of my Camino in this blog...I’m not going to spend a lot of time explaining the details of Soul Coaching® , but if you would like more information or individual support, you’re welcome to contact me directly at carleana@itbeinc.ca.  You may wish to purchase Denise’s book “Soul Coaching - 28 Days to Discover You Authentic Self”

What I love about Soul Coaching® is that there is no right or wrong way; it’s YOUR soul’s way and that can’t be wrong.  Even the 28 Days to Discover You Authentic Self is a NO FAIL process.  There is no need for ‘starting over’, or need to ‘catch up’.  The 28 days are divided into four sets of 7 days and aligned with the four elements; air, water, fire and earth.  Each week has an intent and each of the 7 days in each week has some suggested activities, three levels each called, “Committed to Change” “Going for it” and “Playing Full Out”.  No matter which you choose to do....you will invoke change and no matter how much effort you put into these 28 days....just by reading this...your soul has already received and engaged changes for you.

This should NOT be a daunting exercise, but fun.  It can be emotional and that’s....OK!  Just remember to be kind to yourself.   Remember CLUG: compassion, loving, understanding and grace.  Think of someone or something you treasure.  How you treat them/it?  That’s how you should honour yourself.  That is what this 28 Days to Discover You Authentic Self is about!


First seven days; Air Week: Clearing your Mental Self

This week focuses on assessing and evaluating your life; clearing your clutter; making commitments that Empower you; stop procrastinating; getting organized; examine your core values (are the aligned with your life style); Breathe...and become aware of the quality of air you breathe and surround yourself with; notice the sounds around you (do they inspire you); use your voice – in kindness; and communicate your truth.

Two years ago today....I arrived in Madrid Spain, caught a connection flight to Santiago were I was picked up by – I forget the lady’s name – but she was wonderful and shared her experiences doing the Camino and gave me lots of interesting insights to watch for and experiences to consider while on my Camino; as she drove me to my hotel in Sarria.  Sarria would be my final destination for today, but it would be the starting point of my 111km pilgrimage back to Santiago over the next 9 days.

This is the lady I was telling you about...she was holding the sign at the gate where travelers walk out of the secure area.  It was really nice to see her and her sign; especially with my name on it.
This is a sample of the sorts of shell work along the way of the Camino.  Whenever you saw this shell....you knew you were welcome. 
This water way, was behind the hotel I stayed at in Sarria.  I cross this bridge to visit the shops, cafes etc.
This iron work is on the bridge I crossed the water way on.
This is looking back at my hotel after crossing over on the bridge.

I couldn’t find anything to explain this piece of art but I liked it.  It was near the bridge.

111Km Cafe & Bar.... I didn’t get a chance to go into this place as it was closed, but I thought it was cool; considering Sarria is the 111km point of the Camino.  Sarria is also known for its witches.  I found that surprising....

A group of pilgrims doing the Camino together; standing on the road.

For those of you who’ve never been to Spain...in most of the towns, villages and hamlets I visited...this is what the roads/sidewalks looked like.  I had a very hard time remembering this is actually a road and not just walk way.  And the yellow arrow you see on the corner of the building....these are what thousands of pilgrims follow for hundreds of miles from Jean Pied de Port, France, across the northern part of Spain to Santiago and on to Morte de Costa; Finisterre


Today, I spent some time to mediate– to be still, – to listen to my soul and consider where I was two years ago, where I am today and where I see myself in two years from today.  I created my altar.  I created and signed my scared contract.  I’ve prepared by journal and as part of my daily affirmation, I will be using my Oracle Cards. 

My affirmation for today comes from my Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards.  The card I drew is: “POWER; I am a radiant, glorious, powerful being.” – The message reads: “Express your strength with grace and take back your power.  It’s safe to own your gifts.  Accept that within you is a place of divine strength and inner ability.”  A nice reminder; I know who I am to be brilliant and...not only that it’s ok but more importantly....I’m ok with it!
And this is my “Air” altar.  For the next few days, I’ll add to it.  The truth is...I’ll likely move it to a larger surface that is more secure than where it is situated right now.  The drum pictured here is Celtic designed and was a gift from my daughters.  The bell, St Francis, was a gift from Denise Linn handmade by Tibetan Monks.  My Buen Camino Pilgrim was a ‘gift’ from an artist at Mount Goza Spain, just before entering Santiago. Kokopelli, is usually not too far from anything I hold dear.  This one was a gift from my mom. My feather was given to me by a little boy who saw me picking up nature’s trinkets.  He smiled and said, “This comes from a pheasant” and so...I have it.  My parents gave me the ‘wind’ carving which was done by a First Nations’ artist named Lorreen Henry and...I used a pink scarf (likely purchased at the Dollar Store or Ardene’s) to set my base.  And...I’ve placed my Power affirmation card on my altar.
Today, the wind seemed to know I’d be more aware of its presences.  Sometimes it was blowing furiously as if to say....let’s get this cleaned up....and other times, it was as gentle as a soft stroke offering comfort.  I cleaned the main bathroom and...I made a list of all the repairs my home needs.  I’ve done as productive inventory of my life and my home as I can today.  Now...I will celebrate by taking some time to enjoying some food (homemade pizza) and spend some time with my children before calling it a day.

Oh, and today...I realized I’ve been spelling “Bon Camino” incorrectly...you’ll notice I’ve corrected that!!!!

                                                                                                            ~Buen Camino

These are the first two blog entries I did while in Spain:



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