Sunday 13 July 2014

Camino 2014: Getting Started ~ Day 1

Today was a day spent mostly preparing for the beginning of my pending pilgrimage.  There are many projects around the house that need to be done and I would like to prioritize.  I was also contemplating my reason for this event and my intent.  I’m getting excited!

The other thing I did, while in Spain; I completed the 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self; which is part of the Soul Coaching® work I do.  So, I’ve decided I’m going to add this re-discovery process to my journey.  As well, I’m also going to make a real effort to add into my daily practice, things I enjoy doing, but have let them fall out of my ‘normal’ activities.

I have several beautiful singing bowls, bells and drums....I love not only how they sound but how their songs make me feel.  I’ve several other ‘toys’ I enjoy working with such as my many Oracle Cards, Runes, Scarabs Stones and my scent items such as oils and incense.  And then....there are my beautiful crystals.  Often I use these, either alone or in a variety of combinations, to quiet my thoughts in order to hear my heart and soul during meditation.

 ~ Side bar:  Years ago, I met this amazing man named Jim; who owned and operated the Enchanted Peddler in Wortly Village; which I visited regularly.  While he carried many items, it was his crystals I loved most.  After a few visits, I was blessed to call him my friend.  I would go into his store and say, “Jim, I have $50.00 to spend, please pick me a crystal.” Most days I had less than $50 and some days, I was excited to have more but every time....Jim would pick me the most amazing pieces and...I know he always gave me wonderful deals.  When the time came that he decided to close his store....we spent even more hours talking.

Jim had finally posted his “Store Closing” sign; and with it, he was offering some wonderful savings 30-50% off.  I had some money from Christmas and birthday presents I’d been saving for some special purchases.  The Enchanted Peddler had beautiful gems, jewellery that would qualify as a “special purchase” but, what I was really interested in  was a crystal ball.   He had perfect flawless spheres in many sizes and colours such as blues, greens, reds, yellows and of course clear. 

My eye was set on the mid-size clear crystal ball that sat beautifully on an ornate metal stand; but it was $700.00.  Often I said to Jim, “When I make my first $1000.00 I am buying that piece.”  The other crystal ball I was very attracted to was, the smaller indigo blue ball; a little bigger than a golf ball – but flawless and it captured the light beautifully.  It was priced at $150.00. 

I took $250.00 of my gift money and decided to spoil myself.  I was hoping to get the blue crystal ball, one of ‘my’ crystals and perhaps a piece of jewellery.

When I entered the store that morning, Jim was sitting quietly in his chair, reading one of his books.  I hugged him and said, “Jim, I’ve come with $250.00.  I’m hoping to get the blue ball today.  And, would you mind picking me some other pieces from your crystals, gems and jewellery?”  I was there for the better part of two hours.  We laughed and cried as he told me about his adventures picking out each piece and what The Enchanted Peddler meant to him; and to me.  My phone started to vibrate and I was needed elsewhere. Our visit was coming to an end.

Jim put all the pieces he had picked for me together and asked if these would be ok.  In the basket he prepared for me was two one of a kind crystals he had specially made for himself, a crystal butterfly (for my business It’s the Butterfly Effect Inc), a heart shaped crystal citron ring, a rose quartz tear drop pendant and....the mid-sized crystal ball I was hoping to purchase when I made my first $1000.00.  I reminded him I only brought $250.00 and that I didn’t have any more money to offer. 

“I’ve put this together for you Carleana.  For all of it, taxes included, it comes to $175.00.  I didn’t forget your $250.00.  Please accept this gift.”  OMG!!!!  He added, “I hope you don’t mind, but I switched the base from the metal one to the glass one.  I think that crystal ball looks much better on the glass base than a metal one; don’t you?”  He was right, of course.  I smiled.  With tears in my eyes, I accepted his gift.

Literally, the value of the items Jim gave me that day easily exceeded $1000.00.  I offered to give him the full $250.00 but...all he’d accept was the $175.00.  To this day, I wonder, why $175.00; but....I was extremely thankful for his gift.

In the remaining days, while the store inventory dwindled, I would pop in to see how he was doing and pick up another trinket or two.  He had these three beautiful glass display units too; historical pieces in fact from a dairy farm in the Tilsonburg area.  I wanted one so badly but, even though he offered them to me at a great price....I just couldn’t see how I would get them in my house, let alone where in my house I’d put them.  My philosophy in life is....if you put it out there and if it is meant to ready; it will be!”

I told many people of the Enchanted Peddler over the years and how amazing I think Jim is.  Some people went to him and others.... didn't. One such person who went to Jim’s store was my friend, Kat.  After one of her visits she came over to share the items she purchased.  A few days letter, she came over with two men and a truck....Kat and Jim worked out a deal and....Kat had purchased all three of the units and....she gave me one.  I was so surprised and excited.  It is so beautiful. When I look at it the unit from Kat and all the treasures I received from Jim....I am reminded how blessed I am.

These will be some of the many treasures I have in my life, which I will remember and focus on during this pilgrimage.

For now...I will end this entry.  And as I bring my day to an end...I will appease my grumbly belly.

                                       ~Bon Camino

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