Thursday 17 July 2014

Camino 2014 ~Day 4

Ok....see here is one of the differences between doing a Camino away from home vs at home.  “No choice”.  

Today was one of those know when you’re just over tired, a bit out of sorts and....well...almost no energy.  When my children were small we called them “jammie & movie days”.  At work, we called them “mental health days”.  Never under estimate the need and power of these days.  And....whenever possible....take advantage of these days.  Catch up on your sleep, enjoy a massage, a walk, some shop, others play golf or fish....these are important days to removed as much negativity from your energy so you can recharge and put things back into perspective.

The fact is,’s not that easy to take full advantage of this need and meet it; such as if one were on a Camino away from home have to get to the next point.  At home, you 99% of everything stressing you....will be there tomorrow.

Day 2 of Air Week: Making a commitment to change your life; and the book affirmation is “I honour my commitments to myself and to others.”  And the intent is to become even more aware of the air around you. 

With all this in mind being “one of those days”....I allowed myself an easy day.  It didn’t hurt that I slept in.....  I took a book I’m reading...”The Toltec Path of Recapitulation” and a cappuccino then went out on my deck, sat in a comfy chair and read for awhile.  I enjoyed the gentle breeze; sometimes pointing my face in its direction allowing it to caress my face.  I listened as it made the leaves on the walnut tree (Melissa) whisper to the maple trees who responded in kind.  Birds took advantage of the thermal winds guiding gracefully across the sky.  Some birds perched themselves around the yard as if they too enjoyed watching the flowers dancing.  Calm, quietness and...peace.  I was honouring my commitment to myself, committing to change my life which included...getting outside, becoming more aware of the world around me – especially....nature.

From my, Self Care Cards, I drew my affirmation....”Progress ~ Charge forward ~ be willing to make mistakes.” 

I did move my altar to a more secure location.  My children and one of their friends helped me deliver some items to the Goodwill.   And we picked up a few things while we were out.  One daughter had to work, another visited with friends remaining daughter and I enjoyed some quiet mother/daughter time. 

It wasn’t until late at night, did I realize I didn’t do my blog.  But, no problem...I knew the task would be waiting for me when I woke up.

Two years ago July 16, I took my first steps on my Camino (because....I had no choice).  The past couple of days, I enjoyed the sites and flavours of Sarria.  I also purchased some of the traditional “Pilgrim” items, like a shell, the gourd of course....a walking stick.  That wasn’t all I purchased but, hey....

The other thing every good pilgrim must have is their passport.  This is stamped at each stop along the way, so when you arrive in Santiago, you are registered at the Cathedral and you receive your certificate of completion.  After enjoying a tradition European breakfast buffet.... and my backpack filled with everything I’ll need....I started out.

I crossed the bridge in Sarria for the last time and took my first step to Santiago.  First stop, at 11km, is Morgade.

  Here is the first arrow I see as I come close to the end of Sarria


The mural honouring pilgrims as you leave Sarria

Magical Mist to great the day and send me on my pilgrimage.  Notice the hills?

Starting out at Km 111
This mile markers appeared every .5km along the Camino. 

This is the first of many shells I’ll come to rely on along my Camino.  These and yellow arrows are often the only directions one can rely on as they walk through the country side.  But keep your eyes open, sometimes they are not as easy as other times to spot.  You don’t want to back track.....

This is a typical cemetery in Spain

When I saw this tree....I fell in love with it!  Its character is amazing.  How many people saw this tree, took its picture....noticed it? Who sat under it to take advantage of its shade or protection from the rain?

This mist is rising and...there are those hills.  On the horizon you can barely see it, but there are wind turbines.  It was three days before they were finally out of sight.

The first of many farm animals that roam freely; I took this photo with my daughter Chelsea in mind. 

Natures tunnel...offering shade, a change of scenery, protection and tranquility

When you walk and keep your eyes might be surprised at what you see like this slug....When we were on Vancouver Island in BC we went to the Cedar Cathedral.  The BC slugs were a favorite of Courtney’s.

Foot ‘bridges’ to save you from walking through the mud; nature’s treasure.


There’s those shoes again....the cross is one of the places, you’re invited to leave a stone, but for this photo, I had to pee so badly.  In the back ground you’ll see two buildings....the first for quite some time.  The building directly behind my head is the only stop between Sarria and Morgade with a “water closet” (washroom).  Relief you might think pay to pee or whatever!
Notice too, the “waking path”’s really the ‘highway".

One of many churches throughout the country side

My first experience of none fenced in live stock.  This photo was not photo shopped nor did I zone it in.  The cow was really this close to where I was walking.

Morgade....Km 99.3 and today’s destination is reached

This picture and the one below...will come to be a normal site; Pilgrims taking a break at officially recognized destinations along the way, at local cafes.  These are also stop pilgrims are to get their passport stamps.

 Sitting and waiting for my ride....note the shoes...I’ll share more about this later
This dog was sat close by as I waited for the cab to pick me up in Morgade and take me back to Sarria.
~Buen Camino

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