Sunday 15 July 2012

Arrived in Spain

Typing on an iPod so please forgive the spelling.
The flight from Toronto to Madrid was ok but long. The space was tight and the plane was hot. 7hrs felt longer. We has to get our Iberia boarding passes in Madrid but once w e got off the plane the directions were not clear. Airport staff were nowhere to be found so we asked a car rental place where we go. They gave us directions to terminal 4 which matched some of the info on our eticket
This meant going through airport security and immigration twice. Finally we got our boarding passes. "HJK Area" is where we have to wait for our plane and we have a couple of hours which is OK. We grab a bite visit the banno (washroom) and start to play cards. Soon we realize there are hardly no announcements. Bags are being left while people go off shopping and then we hear an english announcement "please check your gate for flight times as it is not announced.". Ok panic there is no gate number on the boarding pass just the area code and there are 72 gates. We decide to walk down where see a plane "no coincidences" right. That was our flight. Wow this could have been our flight to Madrid. Wider seats and air conditioning. We arrive is Santiago I'm no time. We see our ride but our baggage doesnt come. An air port employee advises because our original flight is international our bags go to another spot. We grab our bags and clearance immigration again get to our ride and drive to Sarria. Our driver is amazing and full of information about having done it. Several times herself. Finally an hour later we arrive and check in to our hotel.

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