Thursday 26 July 2012

Day 11 ~ Finisterra: Morta de Costa

Up early, fed and at the bus station for 8am in order to buy our tickets and get on the bus to Finiaterra, from Santiago. Good thing we did. While it appeared we were early, at least we got our ticket AND a seat on the 9am bus that left at 8:50. I assume because it was full because we left while people were still waiting to get on as we left.
I stood alone in line for 30 minutes but I'm glad I did. It meant I got the seat I wanted front, second level right above the bus driver. My seat was perfect for sight seeing except for one flaw...I fell a sleep. Ok well, I dozed on and off. The three hour scenic tour only took two hours. I experienced only 5 panic attacks and then we were dropped off in the middle of town. I was confused. It looked nothing like the location of our hotel.
We went into a restaurant looking for directions. When we did, a table of ladies looked at us with a shocked surprised type look and said "ahhhh the cape; you're going to 'the cape'". Not sure if it was good or bad but it was where we were heading. One lady pointed us to a vehicle across the street and said you no walk. We hired a taxi and five euros later we were at the end of the world, at our hotel.
Only a few feet in any direction and one would fine themselves on the edge of the rocky bank leading down into the Atlantic ocean. The fog is heavy today and while it would be nice for it to be a clear day, warmed by the sun, cooled by the ocean breeze and topped off with a deep blue sky dotted with clouds; the truth is my soul needed today just as it is.
No expectations, no demands and simply a quiet reflective type of afternoon.
As I sit in the cafe dock area my mind drifts off to other places I once found solitude. Places such as Newfoundland, Cape Cod, Port Franks and California. The weather today actually reminds me of the day Dave and I took off our thinking caps, put on 'floater' suits, signed release waivers and went whale watching in Toffino BC. The only difference surf. Today the water has a gentle rippling on the water surface instead of 30' swells crashing down on a group of naive tourists believing some shape in the far off distance was some sort of whale.
During the time when the fogs drifts off a bit, I take advantage of the opportunity to capture the beauty and endlessness of my surroundings with my camera.
Purchasing my camera is a long story but so far I am very pleased with it. I am excited about the time I can post these photos for you to enjoy and further shared experience.
Tomorrow we are up early again. We will need to be in a taxi, to the bus station by 8/8:15 as our bus back to Santiago leaves at 9:30am.
The air is cool and clear here. I suspecting sleeping will not be an issue tonight. However, I hoping the sky will clear up so I can sneak a peak at the stars. I've been told the night sky here is better than anywhere in the world - especially the milky way. I can't imagine a sky more spectacular then a clear August Montana sky though! That sky seems to have the power to possess a soul! It reaches deep down inside you and takes over as if to place you in a trance.
Until tomorrow ~ dream well and have the courage to make your dreams come true. With you in spirit, Carleana!

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