Wednesday 18 July 2012

Day 3 - Ventas de Naron

OMG - WOW, what a day!!!!  Today was a 12km treck
Please know that I am ok and all is fine, but today was a really rough day for me!!!!  If you are reading my blog, I would sure enjoy hearing your comments maybe even just a few words of encouragement - even if you say something like ´are you nuts´ There should be a button on the bottome of my post that says ´comments´you can click on, then type some amazing words :)

Anyway, after a night of bad dreams, I woke up to an incredibly upset stomach.  After tossing my cookies I shower and got ready for the day.  Elena and I went down for breakfast. All I could eat was a croissant and a yogurt.  We went back up to the room to get ready to leave on our walk.  Last night I took time to ´baby´my feet.  After doing an inventory, I have SIX blisters.  Two of which are very painful.  Those $160 sneakers I bought specifically for walking are KILLING my feet.  I should have stuck with my 40$ sneakers that are far more comfortable don´t have all those special plastic formations that are chewing away at my feet. 
Just putting my shoes on this morning was so painful I wanted to throw up BUT...throwing up would not get me to my next destination.  I sort of felt like Kevin Costner´s character in Dances with Wolves when they were going to amputate his foot but he pulled his boots on and walked out of the hospital tent.  In no way am I any martyr I´m just not going to give up.  I knew once I got my groove going, I would be ok.  The pain would become numb enough I would no longer feel it as long as I kept moving.  .....And we were off.
It wasn´t long before I was right.  The pain was manageable and we were well on our way.  Remember ¨THE BRIDGE¨?  Well, we had to go back across that river BUT this time, it was on a smaller ´foot´type bridge and over a creek.  Why couldn´t we have crossed that one to begin with???  All is good.  I crossed that bridge with less fear only to hit our first (of many) steep inclines. Followed by many steep declines, if we weren´t walking along the sweltering highway (hwy).  The walk today was not a nice one.  There was very little to see and most of it was in the direct sun.  Imagine walking along side any highway crossing open fields in the blazing sun.  For the short moments we were in the shade I took the time to cherish coolness it offered, as well as the change in scenary.  There was very little chatting among us pilgrims as we walked passed each other too.  We only came to two small ´villages´both we required stops to have our passport stamped.  They were nice breaks.
Today, I was sooooo missing my family!!!!!  I wanted to be with them.  I wanted someone to hold me and say It´s ok kiddo you can do it! But I was alone in my head - not a good place to be.  Just when I´d get to the point I started to feel sorry for myself, a butterfly or bumble bee or red beetle would make its presences known or I´d hear the song of dove.  Sometimes it was person who would pass me by and say a simple Hola and I felt inspired to push on. 
At one point in the blazing sun along the tarred hwy, there was this little old man, barely shuffling along.   He was huffing n puffing while using to poles to help him walking as he carried what looked like an overloaded back pack.  I wanted so much to ask if I could help, but when he turned and looked at me he smiled and said Bon Camino.  How could I feel sorry for myself?  His smile alone was enough to cheer me on.  As I walked passed him, my eyes welled with tears and I felt grateful!  Grateful to have this opportunity; to have the courage to fulfill a dream; to have a friend with me AND to have my family´s support!
Finally we reached our destination - Ventas de Naron!  Parched and starving I purchased an freez fresas natural - natural strawberry flavoured ice - and a bottle of water, while Elena called the taxi.  As we waited for our ride we stamped our past ports.  The cab wasn´t long coming and we were on our way back to the hotel. 
We got in our room, rested briefly and washed our dirty clothes.  After tossing my cookies again (I think because of the heat and pain) I felt so much better.  While our clothes dried we walked into town (four blocks or so) to purchase a few items.  I got new shoes, more epsom salts & arnica cream as well as some chocolate & a coke.  Don´t ask, but both seem to settle my tummy - go figure?! We purchased a few other items and returned to the hotel where we had a bite to eat and then a swim in the blue icy cold blue pool.  Very refreshing.  From there we went to the air conditioned salon, dropped in our money, started blogging and updating our journals.
Tomorrow we are off to Palas de Rei, where we will also spend the night.   This stretch is about 10km and the walk looks to be a much nicer one.  With my new shoes and new hat, I hope to be that much more comfortable.
By the end of the day tomorrow we should be almost have way done the Camino too!  I am so glad to be making this Camino and I would recommend anyone the least bit interested in doing it...DO IT!  The other thing we did yesterday was set Elena up with her own blog.  I hope you check it out!!! (  Don´t be afraid to leave her comments either. 
I know when I get a chance to access my blog, the first thing I look for is to see if anyone has commented.  It helps feel connected with you, especially when I feel alone.  If you want to send me a personal message you´re welcome to email me too.  Until the next time... blessings to each of you.  May you always botice and celebrate the little miracles in your life.  Carleana


  1. Carleana, thank you for setting up Elena's blog site. We all believe in you and know you will work through the pain of the blisters.

  2. When your feet start to hurt, just imagine its your saturday morning shopping routine. That's an easy 15km every week.....

    We also wanna hear about the sites!

  3. Mummy!!!!! We love you and of course the chocolate and coke would make you feel better its the mommy kit duh! Hope your feeling better now and excited to continue your journey can't wait to see you when you get home
    Love your butterfly bumblebee and ladybug xoxoxoxo

  4. Blisters...ugggggh...
    You are sooo amazing my precious friend! You ROCKKKK!
    I don't know if I could do it w/ blisters. And yes, I just discovered that the cheaper shoes were better.
    I sooo love you! And am thinking of you...
    I am off to Montana w/ the Grandmothers I won't be able to come here...
    But just feel my arms wrap around you, because they are!
    We are connected across the ethers & the stars...
    When your journey is over, you will so look back & smile. You will have gained a sense of yourself that you didn't know was there.
    You are soooo loved!!!
    And you are amazing beyond belief ❤

  5. Thanks for sharing so much of your journey with us. Sending you healing thoughts!
    Hugs... Geneviève

  6. You and Elena are two women living the concept of 'perseverance'. Thank you for sharing your wonderful discoveries along the highway of life. Six is a very powerful number so perhaps there is a silver lining in the number of blisters. You are a pioneering spirit and I love reading your blog! Wishing you both a more comfortable journey tomorrow and a great big hug coming your way Carleana. One step at a time.... Marianne

  7. What an exciting journey for everyone! Your mom emailed me a link to this blog and I just got around to reading every day. I am very intrigued and will be back tomorrow to see what you've been up to.

    I am looking forward to seeing the pictures that you are taking. You are very good with your descriptions. I want to see if the places are anything like what I am imagining.

    I give you a lot of credit. To overcome a fear of bridges, just like that is amazing. I am so afraid of heights and especially bridges. When I go to the states I take the ferry or the tunnel! If I'm in a car or even a bus, I need to close my eyes. Please note that I'm not the one driving!

    I'm very thankful for modern technology that lets us readers accompany you on your journey.