Thursday 19 July 2012

Day 4 - Palas de Rei 67km marker

First i need to warn you Im back on my ipod with free wifi. Oh and on my blog yesterday, "botice" is my new word meaning "notice your blessings" Im sure most of you got that though ;) Such a different day today.
First off the sandals I bought yesterday have made a ton of difference in my pain factor. Plus last night I really worked on my blisters - popping and cleaning them up as best I could. A few are still very sore but a couple are so much better.
This morning, I must admit - I am quite tired. I didn't sleep well in that hotel but I think a lot of it has to do with the art work. They were ink stretches but the women's faces looked as if they hade been tortured or something.
Anyway, today we had breakfast and were dropped off at our starting. The morning was foggy and quite cool; in fact chilly. So chilly that my fingers became numb in the morning air.
It didn't take long before there was quite a distance between Elena and I As we walked we were getting dripped on. It didn't take long before it was clear the droplets were coming from the pine trees that reached high above our heads. Here is why we became separated. The drops that seemed to cling to the tips of the pines needs was so beautiful. With this amazing knew camera I think I was able capture that little blessing.
After such a trying walk yesterday there were so many brilliant images all of them seem to glisten like a tinsel cover Christmas tree waiting for Santa to arrive early in the morning. There were spider webs that appeared to be strung with tiny crystal pearls. The foliage was rich in many shades of greens and textures.
We were trekking along at a very good pace. In fact we thought this might be one of our quicker days, but that was not to be true. Both of us needed to use the bathroom (we've not had to pay since that first day - thank you Courtney for thinking of the Bridge of Terabethia 'free the pee' seemed to work!) so we stopped at the first 'bar' called Ant Trail. After a quick drink, bladder emptying, pass port stamping and photos we were on our way.
Not too far along the path the drinks let us know they needed to be freed so we stopped in Ligonda which is a hamlet at a hostel. This place was soooo clean and they spoke english quite clearly. I was waiting for Elena who had been talking to another guy, Jim. Come to find out he brought a team of mission volunteers to the area and part of their experience is work at this hostel. For me the conversation was a welcome change as we spoke about spirituality. His was more Christ based but we agreed people back home (he and his team are from Boston,USA) rarely take time to notice and appreciate what they have and so the run faster and faster on their treadmills go nowhere; often collapsing
Alas it was time to move on. From this point on we didn't stop anywhere else until we arrived at our destination; Palasa de Rei. The first building we reach is an info centre. We got our passports stamped and ask where our hotel. Hurray! It's across the street. It's call La Cabana and looks like a set off log cabins. The main building is the reception area with a cafe and
a restaurant. There are three other similar buildings but these house the rooms. I believe there are 20 rooms in each, but there are simple. Sink, shower and toilet make up the bathroom. Two twin beds - not great and in order to use the hydro you must insert your key card into a special slot.
The trip into town is 1km all down hill. The roads are similar to a single lane driveway but intended for two way traffic AND people and you better have several sets of well working eyes as well as lighting bolt reflects. You don't want to be a slow mover unless you have nowhere else to go. Drivers have far more faith in their cars than I do. They have two speeds break neck and stopped.
The buildings are right at the end of the road and several stories tall. I've no idea what they look like inside but outside seem run down. I'm sure they are practical but very few are visually appealing. Oh and in the hamlets and villages the buildings are the house, garage, storage AND barn. In fact several times the cows and people used the same door. I can't imagine any parent having a leg to stand on went telling their teen "clean your room" as the cow poos beside them.
Just finished dinner and sitting on the terrace. It is very cold right now. It's just about 9pm so I think I'll close for now so I can get ready for bed. Thank you so much for your comments everyone and your emails. I really needed to receive them. Just before I close I wanted to share something about the food. I am really not a picky eater but I can't eat red meat, pork, greasy foods or foods with a lot of salt. Omg....that is 90% of the diet here. I've had only one meal that hasn't upset my tummy. Tonight there was 'turkey loin' on the menu. I think that translate to thin pork (fried in tons if butter and breaded in salt). I had two bites and that was it. is starting. To form on my body so I'm off to bed plus the smell of grease in turning my tummy. Stay well. Blessings -Carleana
Sorry again for typing errors ;)

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