Sunday 29 July 2012

Day ~ 14 Madrid

After a good night sleep, I am feeling a whole lot better today then I did yesterday.
I don't think I shared a couple other good things about last night. We had dinner here at the hotel. I had ginger ale. The first time since I left Canada. I enjoyed scallops on the half shell and a goat cheese salad; delicious! And I got to Skype with two of my precious angles. Which was out ravenously funny. We'd have picture and no sound; then sound and no picture. Actually several times one side of the conversation could be heard but not the other side and we still had video imaging. Wow...that's make for some amazing comedy!!!!! Thank you B&D for making me smile----laugh!!!!
This morning we are well rested. No time commitments and nowhere we need to be today OR tomorrow; how nice is this!!!!
The breakfast was a full buffet, but I'm picky. I like my eggs cooked. I am so craving one of my dad's breakfasts. Croissants, juice and fruit everyday July 13, or some version of these is getting boring. I tried cereal one day but they don't refrigerate. Cornflake and room temperature milk just isn't the same.
From breakfast we set out on our own version of a cosmopolitan Camino. First we back to the store where I saw this cute purse, but it wasn't open yet so we went on to our next stop - Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.
From our hotel we walked through historical metropolitan Madrid. Our hotel is a block away from Plaza de Callao. We walked down one of the 'spoke' streets (Calle Carmen) out of P Callao to Puerta de Sol; which is another "hub" centre. From there we followed Carra San Jeronimoto Paseo Del Prado (which is a green space a main road runs along) where you'll find a HUGE fountain with a Neptune and his chariot standing proudly.
Once reached the corner of Jeronimo and Prado there is the Thyssen museum. The entrance fee was 9e for the main display, which was our preferred choice. 63 rooms on three floors and so many works of art covering the following periods: medieval, renaissance, and baroque.
From here when walked through part of the Paseo del Prado to the Prado National Museum. The fee here was 12e. This museum was very hard to walk through. Considerably larger than the Thyssen and seemingly without any 'flow'. And the marble floors were uneven which was a challenge for many including yours truly. I certainly didn't need or want to break a toe. Even looking at the floor plan it is hard to be sure how many rooms/areas there were but I'm guessing about 80. Also in the Pardo, there were very few places to sit throughout the exhibition. The art work here covers the period from 1100-1800 and includes artists such as Angelico, Durer, Mor, Velazquez and Goya to name a few. We also has lunch here, in their cafeteria. I don't think Elena enjoyed this museum as much as she did the Thyssen. We had be walking a lot and the art work tended to darker in colours than the Thyssen, plus Elena does have a preferred style of art. I don't have any one 'favourite' artist or period. I either like a piece or I don't it really it that simple for me. Often it's how the piece makes me feel.
I will say I really enjoyed the sculptures throughout the museum though! I never new just how much. It was as if I got lost gazing into 'who' the figures were or represented. I guess what I appreciate most about art in ALL it's forms is the variety, openness and wonderment. It is neither right nor is it wrong. It is simply there to express one's idea and be appreciated by another.
On our way back to the hotel we did a bit of shopping. We stopped for a small treat and rested a while. While we sat I reflected on the "smaller" things I am noticing in the area. In large cities you alwYays see the same characteristics. What surprises me most is the number of police. They seem to hang out in gangs throughout the areas we've been; which translates as follows. If you were in London or St Thomas imagine a group of 4-6 police officers every two or three blocks. I've seen maybe four homeless people , two of which were missing limbs. For me that's bothersome, but not as much as the girl in her late teens early twenties hooking in the middle of the court yard. All the guys were staring at her smiling and chatting amongst their group. The women were staring as compassionately as only women can and I could do was hold back the tears as I thought this is somebody's baby girl. Sadly a man did approach this beautifully young girl and they walked off for all of us to see. It's one thing when you know it happens hidden in the night, but there it was late afternoon in the faces of men, women and children. With that I'll end the thought because my heart is aching. Its breaking and i'm trying to hold back my tears. There is nothing I can do to change this situation. ~~~~~~
After bit of break, Elena and I lwent out for some dinner. We went across the 'street' where hit an all you can eat buffet with many local dishes as well as 'international' choices - our food. I don't know what is so 'international' about pasta, chicken or pizza? Still the meal was nice. From there we took a walk through the square, took a few evening photos and grabbed a Starbucks. red that right - Starbucks!!!! Not a full menu but at least they offer chai. We watched a bit of the soccer game on the jumbo screen in Puetra del Sol -the square- as we headed back toward the hotel.
Into the hotel we go. Time to catch up on our blogs and journals and maybe.... even a Skype catch with family. Another free evening for us to visit too. No timetable in the morning. The only things we need to do is confirm our flight stuff and book our ride to the airport. After that...a couple more museums, shopping and then the dreaded packing ; ) It's all good ~ a piece of cake! Hug someone you love ~ a partner, a child, a parent, a pet or any combination of these. Blessings ~ Carleana
ps - my iPod screen was acting up and I became frustrated. I hope this reads smoothly for you. -C

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