Thursday 12 July 2012

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Thank you for visiting me. I hope you'll find my journey interesting and oneyou'll take with me even if only virtually.

As often happens, my blog begins like many others; somewhere along thejourney of my life. It's definitely not at the beginning; nor is it the end butsomewhere in between.  After readingPaulo Coehlo’s book “The Pilgrimage” I was inspired to take the pilgrimagemyself.  For those of you not familiarwith Coehlo’s book, The Pilgrimage isa story about his journey.  Thepilgrimage I’m referring to is the El Camino de Santiago de Compostella. Fornow I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about what the Camino deSantiago is, so here are two links you may wish to visit for more information:  &

It is my hope to keep you posted on my perspective of the Camino as I takemy own journey.

When I first committed to myself I would do the Camino I intended to do thewhole 780km when I turned 50 and retired from public service.  They say if you want to make God laugh, tellhim your plans.  Anyway, through a seriesof events, I ended up retiring a18 months earlier than planned and set out tofollow my Soul Journey.  This meant I would be travelling to Spainearlier and not following the full Camino.

Tomorrow I leave for Spain with a dear friend of mine Elena.  We have organized our ‘easy’ Camino so thatwe begin our journey in Sarria July 15th and end in Santiago July 24thjust in time for the Feast of St James on July 25th.  This meets the 100km minimum required inorder to receive the certificate recognizing we traveled the Camino.  Then July 26th we take a coachtour to Finnisterre returning to Santiago July 28th.  From there we travel back to Madrid to ‘rest’a few days before returning home July 31st.  We booked our Camino through Camino Ways.  Here is the link for our journey – we’redoing “Easy 100km”

On a more personal note:  The Caminois very personal.  While I will betravelling with Elena, I know in my heart I am surrounded by many kindredspirits.  I want to thank you to some specialpeople in my life who have been working close with me over the past few yearsand support me continuously as in many ways; Terri G, Cathy M, Lynda M-C,Marianne B, Shelley M-W and Penny K.  Iwould also like to abundantly acknowledge my Still Water Soul Coaching brothersand sisters who I share my Camino with in spirit as we continue our 28 day souljourney. To my Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying ( team, I appreciate your patiencewhile I take time to meet personal goals.

Elena...Thank you! I believe angels come in many ways and sometimes we don’tnotice them when they first appear.  Youand I have been through so much together and as we transition into yet anotherphase in our only makes sense we’d travel the Camino together.  You truly are my soul sister. 

And where would I be without my family?! A loaded question perhaps but, without them I would not be who I amtoday – in so many ways!  I am a verylucky person to have so many people in my family who I truly love and reallyknow; aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents (in spirit).  I also belong to one of those ‘old fashion’ families- bio-nucleus family AND when I married, 23 years ago my family trulyextended. 

To my mother-in-law, Verna, and all my in-laws thank you for being you andaccepting me for who I am and your continued support. 

To my mom, dad and brother (Jo Anne, Carl & Victor) who’ve known me foras long as I’ve been a live and still like me...thank you for your never endingguidance. 

To my soul partner, Dave and my amazing children Chelsea, Courtney and Cadie;everyday each of you bring me an abundance of blessings and joy.  Literally, where would I be without each ofyou?  With all that I am and all I am becomingthank you for allowing me to continue to grow – to be true to myself.  And when I’m scared...thank you for yourencouragement to stay strong and reminding me to believe in myself.  Even in our chaos, I believe our penta-familyis truly unique. I cherish that more than words could ever say!  I love each and every one of you. I’m proudand excited to have you in my life. Because of you, I continue to grow; thank you for allowing me to!  I hope I also support you as each of youspread your wings and soar! Forever and for always, MWAH!!!!!

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  1. This is absolutely beautyFULL Carleana! I soooo look forward to following your journey here...inner & outer...thank you for continuing to be such a bright blessing in my life ❤