Sunday 15 July 2012

Sarria resting up

So we arrived in our room. It's is clean neat but small. Maybe I'm just spoiled when it comes to hotels.
Last night (July 14) Elena and I did a quick inventory of what we had and what we'll need. We refreshed and went for a walk around the area. So many pilgrims.
It's so cool to know we are part of a much larger group. From my perspective what is even more amazing is I know each person I meet on this journey has made a contract with me to be a part of this with me whether it was for a second in time or an extended conversation (including the elderly couple that just sat at our table - even though there are several other empty tables) and stated talking to us. Good thing Elena is fluent in Spanish. The lady was feeling dizzy and needed to rest a moment.
Anyway last night we found our starting point for the pilgrimage, a grocery store and the 'Camino' store which visited today. Supper stats late but we were hungry and tired so we purchased some cheese buns and meat. We went back to our room ate and went to sleep by 10:30. I couldn't believe it, I slept in. Elena had gone down for her morning coffee when I woke up at 10:30am.
We went down for a light bite before touring around again. We purchased our walking sticks and a few other trinkets before coming back to the hotel for lunch; since nothing else is open.
The church Igrexa de Santa Marinia was beautiful. It is truly a community church; a church for the people who live and practice their faith here. Before you go into the church proper is a table set up for pilgrims to stamp their pass ports. It is so cool to see so many people also on the pilgrimage. And here is another example of the wonder of being on this pilgrimage with Elena. An older pilgrim couple asked to confirm direction. That part I understood and I could have stumbled through helping them but Elena turned her French button and helped them out. How cool it must be to speak so many languages fluently. Oh and don't think Elena lets me off too easy.
Actually she is very supportive and encourages me with affection. For example. I successfully executed an inquiry question in Spanish so well the person replied in "fluent" Spanish. So while I was impressed I panicked because I had to idea what they were saying. Elena to the rescue again! The you El...I love you.
Tonight will be an early evening. We made dinner reservation for 8 but NO FISH for supper. Let me tell you about lunch. At 2:30 we came to the cafe to eat and ordered the special which gives you three choices under the appetizer, main entrees and deserts as well as a post dinner beverage. Not being a beef eater I ordered the fish. Note to self...ask questions. Gross! I like fish and most all water meat but this was nasty. I'm sure many others would enjoy it especially because it smelled delicious me (and Elena) it tasted uncooked and was dripping butter. The taste and texture was that of a slimy wet fish. We didn't eat at after our initial morsel. The appetizers were delicious and plentiful. Our desserts were light and delicious and while Elena loves her cappuccino , I'll stick with my ice tea or water.
It is now 6:15. We've been at the table writing, chatting, reading and drawing and no one has made us feel like we need to leave. Heck, our bill hasn't even arrived.
The lady who was feeling dizzy - she and her esposo (husband) have rested enough and moved on and the party that was going on has ended. With supper 90 minutes from now I guess I should shut down. Time rest up so we can eat (no fish) then pack up before bed so we get our early start. Thank for being understanding with my spelling. The iPod screen is very small too. So again I thank you! Ciao. - CnE.

SWSC - water week and this week and I'll be crossing a long bridge high over a body of water. I'll be facing and conquering my fear of heights and bridges. My card today was 'make a note of it' from Sonia's "Trust your Vibes" a wonderful reminder and extension of my time with all of you and self growth. And as you end the call, abundance to each of you!!!!


  1. Good luck with the bridge. I know you can do it!

  2. Hey, sounds like a good start!

    Everyone says hi! They are all snoring in the tent. As we speak. We'll try the skypde thing today at 4pm (16th). Love u!