Tuesday 24 July 2012

Day 9 Santiago ~ Part 2

Some days it's just good to be alive!!!
Its after midnight now and I'm finally I'm my room for the evening. There is wifi but I'm on my iPod as there is no computer for public use. That's really too bad as I've so much to share. Maybe there will need to be a part 3?!
We were on the road around 8 this morning. Later than we hopes but that's ok. I don't know why but I was hoping the walk would have had less hills today. We started off on a long slightly comfortable incline that seemed to go on for ever. There wasn't a whole lot to see nor were there many places to stop. Good thing we weren't hungry or in need for a bathroom.
We reached Monte de Gozo (Mountain of Joy). At the top of that peak Elena said, looking at the next mountain? "You don't thinks that's another green roof do you?". We laughed and agreed nothing should surprise us. Along the fence heading UP to Gozo people had taken sticks and wove crosses into it. It was so cool. Also on the peak of Gozo there was this amazing monument. I don't know how to describe it but it was astounding. I took photos of each of the four sides. At the top of this monument was a cross and two designs that were sort of circular. The one shot I got....the sun was shining through the circle. The shot was incredible.
There was a young artisan man doing his work - bending wire into the shape of pilgrims. He had one that also includes the saying 'Buen Camino' the cost....a donation. I hate that because I never know what does one should pay? I notices several 1 euros but most were taking the single figures. I wanted and took the bigger one with the greeting and left 4 euros. He was very thankful for my donation and insisted I take another. I had said no thanks but he placed it in my hand. I accepted his gift for several reasons one because of what it represented and second because I'm learning to accept such gifts graciously. I have to admit I was emotionally thankful for his gift but I can't share why until i return home. We continued on our way.
1km from Santiago and another 3km from the Cathedral.
Leaving Gozo met going back in time for a very short while. We descended on a very old set of stairs and passed some very old buildings. The buildings were pitted by time and many of the images carved in the stone have almost vanished - yet there they stood every proud while "the new world" was suffocating it.
From there we crossed a couple (less scary) bridges. One was over the hwy; the other was over railway tracks. And yes....that village we wondered if it was another "green roof" Yes it was. It was the first sign of Santiago, but we didn't know that then. The vision I had for Santiago did not include a mountain side littered with white structures capped in orange tiles. I thought it would have been more like what I had seen the past few days. I anticipated old trees, stone roads and buildings similar to those in the old Sherlock movies as he travels through London.
We walked on further realizing we hadn't stopped at all for a break since we left in the morning and we'd covered almost 7km. We decided the next place we saw we'd stop.
The next thing we knew we were surrounded by ribbons of concrete and a molded Fiberglas traveling at break neck speeds. And now we needed to cross several hwys. What a change of pace; with no transition time. Thankfully I can say we made it.
Once we were safely on the other side....in the middle of a grassy area there was another brilliant monument. Each of the four sides had carvings of historical people who has walked the Camino. Under there likenesses was a list that gave there names. From there we came to our first cafe and we decided to take a break. We finished our cappuccino and coke then moved on.
I had forgotten the craziness of the city. More people on in a hurry to get where? They were bumping into us and not acknowledging us at all. The city was most definitely hustling about. While I understand that, I didn't have enough time to transition myself.
What surprised me was how the city's energy was physically effecting me. I could even feel the change effecting Elena and the tenergy between. Neither good or bad, just that it was there. Have you ever been around a person or group of people and suddenly you feel different; either increased energy or depressed? It was similar to that. In order to not lose that inner calm i needed to check in with me right away - and so I did.
We continues to walk through the city weaving in and out between traffic; winding around the streets, people and buildings. Watching for signs, shells, cars and so on became quite a chore. I am quite good with directions and, if I must say...I have a good seance of where I am and where I need to be Because I'm confident in my ability - rarely do I get nervous, or challenge others who believe their sense of direction is better. Most often, if I'm with someone like that I tend to let them lead until....they indicate something is wrong; at which point I often say...."let's try things way". A whole lot better than arguing or saying I told you so ~ I think. Bottom line we got to where we needed to be.
And then...suddenly out of -what seemed to be nowhere- we caught our first glimpse of the majestic vision. I would love to share more but I am very tired and I've so much more to tell. I'll write a part 3 in the morning. Till then, blessings ~ Carleana

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