Friday 27 July 2012

Day 12 - Santiago

Yesterday after I published my blog, the fog had finally lifted.  It was then I could really appreciate why they called this the cape.  As well, I could truly comprehend why they called this was once believed to be Morta de Costa; the end of the world.  It was amazing.
The fog gave way to an amazing blue sky with huge fluffy clouds.  The land that anchored us, was rugged and barely hospitable yet alluring.  And then...there was the water!  I can't seem to find the words to share how vast and hypnotising it was.  I ran...ok walked very quickly...back to my room to grab my camera.  I got lost and consumed by the shots that were waiting for me.
I found myself climbing over rocks to take the 'perfect' shot.  Sometimes I was laying on my belly, other times on my back.  Sitting, kneeling and leaning over, under and into the landscape in an effort to capture that perfect memory.  Before I knew it I was on the other side of the lighthouse.  That´s when I heard someone she going all the way down?  I don't know if they were referring to me but, it was then I realized just how far down the cliff I had ventured.  The most serene thing is...I was not the least bit frighten.  It was as if I knew I was ok and wouldn't fall or lose my footing.  There were others a bit further than me too.  For someone afraid of heights and is strange where I found myself.  It was only when I realized my battery was dying, I realized how long I had been taking photos.
I made my way back up the cliff - I could believe how far I had gone.  Once at the top of the cliff, I still needed to make my way up the hill back to the lighthouse AND...then up the stairs to the hotel entrance and finally up the stairs to my room.  Pant, pant, pant.....
I was so excited to have been able to get those shots.  When looking at them on my camera they look so cool...but to see them on the computer screen....WOW!!!!  I can hardly wait. Waves swirling around rock formations and others crashing against the cliffs.  Little shrines people had created and a mother and son perched on a ledge looking out over the ocean and sharing a moment in time.  A bird hopping from spot to spot and a plant flourishing against the odds.  Down into nowhere or up to the lighthouse...Amazing.  And then there were the photos of the fog rolling back in as if placing a blanket on child crawling into bed for the evening; or the pink rays of the setting sun caught between the clouds and fog...incredibly beautiful.
Finally it was time for supper.  We headed off to the restaurant and took advantage of the ''Pilgrims Dinner''.  Here you get to choose one of three appetizers, an entree and then, coffee, wine, dessert and a beverage are included for 20e (about 24$).  Finally sea food!!!!  I chose the scallops as my appetizer, grilled hake with potato and salad for my main course, the house white wine, the local special 'apple tart' and a coffee con leche.  It was delicious.  The best meal I have had in weeks - since before I left home in June for California.  My tummy was satisfied.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect day!  But day wasn't finished.
I had hoped to go outside to see the night sky was raining; plus they were preparing to lock up the building.  I was able to go out for a short time to take a few amazing shots of the lighthouse at night.  My favourite one is of the hotel...  I caught the light from the lighthouse as it passed across the hotel in the dark.  Breath taking, if I do say so myself!!!!! 
Our room was funky and so we had a view of three different areas of the property.  Opening the windows provided an exceptional cross breeze allowing our room to become very cool.  Alas...with my jammies on I crawled into my bed with a comfy blanket and fell asleep to the ocean breeze caressing my face while the waves sang me a lulabuy.  It was the best sleep I've had in a very VERY long time!!!!
But it wasn't to last. 
6:45am my alarm went off.  It was time to get up, dressed, packed and down for breakfast before going back into town to catch our bus to Santiago.  Our day was to start before the rest of the world of Finisterre though.  Breakfast was at 8 and our bus left at 9:20 and the ride between the two was about 20 minutes but it was FAHG-GY!!!  The man in the kitchen (we later learned owns and operates the facility - and speaks english) made us breakfast.  Hot coffee...warm fresh croissants and homemade jam.  And then...he drove us to the bus so we didn't to wait or pay for a cab.  It was so great!  We even made the 8:20 bus - which was still there at 8:30 when we arrived.  Apparently, it was market day in one town along the way because the bus was crazy busy until that stop.  I was so tired I slept most of the way on the bus ride back to Santiago.
Back in Santiago we took a taxi back to the hotel where we stayed in before.  They had our luggage in our room so checking in was a breeze.  Quickly we dropped off our stuff and returned to the 'square' to finish our shopping and for one last look at the Cathedral.  It truly is breath taking.  It is also brilliant how that core area remains so authentic looking while time has moved forward all around it!  Magical and mystical.  The square was a whole lot quieter today too!  Those that came for the celebration had returned home.  Now a few locals and many pilgrims are the souls that fill the street.  The energy is calm and pleasant; a very different Santiago then the one we left the other day.
On our way back to our hotel we stopped at our 'favourite' resturant for a large lunch.  When we returned I laid down for a power snooze...two hours later, Elena woke me up.  I soaked in the tub, organized my stuff and said, I'm going down on the computer to blog.  When I finish here...I'll enjoy a light supper (buns, cheese and meat we purchased earlier) and retire for the evening.
Tomorrow is our 6hr train ride to Madrid.  We'll be up early, eat and take a taxi two blocks to the trainstation for 8:30am.  The taxi is because there must be a thousand...ok 50....stone stairs between us and the train station.  To avoid the stairs, the route is about 8 blocks (and not our normal blocks) up and down hills; not happening.
We are in Madrid Saturday-Tuesday before we leave for home.  It's much as I really want to go home, I don't want to leave.  I don't say I enjoyed Spain specifically, but I have enjoyed the time to reflect and mostly the time I have been given to reconnect with nature - me!  I have been able to let go of the all the worries I create for my self on a daily basis over things I have no control.  I do feel rejuvenated, connect and really that is what we all need to do every now and then, no matter how we go about achieving.
If I'm true to form, tomorrow...I will like sleep most of the train (I often suffer of motion sickness) ride, but I am hoping not too.  I would love to see what the country side looks like between Santiago and Madrid; perhaps even take a photo or two.
Enjoy your day!  I will be in touch with you all again tomorrow... Blessings, Carleana

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